Flat on Me

Have a flat tire this morning and my jack is dunno where I put, and abit lazy to change tire ...

Called my workshop that's 5 mins drive away from my place and make sure they are open, drive to the workshop at about 50km/h. Eh, why dun go Petrol Station and pump air first ? Dun bother lah ... Coz if I go pump the Air sin, the tired will become flat again while I am stuck in the jam, ngam mou ? So dun bother, just go fast fast fix the tire first.

I didn't know it was that easy to fix a flat tire. I took the guys less than 10mins to fix the thing, dun even have enough time for the have a coffee...

1. Take out the flat tire.
2. Examine where is the 'hole' and marked it.
3. Take out the nails/what ever caused the hole.
4. Make a BIGGER hole, by using some dunno what tool.
5. Inject some rubber stick with some dunno what tool.
6. Pump the tire and examine the hole if it's still loosing air.
7. Done.

Total cost. RM5 ...

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  1. 国源 said...
    haahaha..u first time see people fix tire ah.. very fast geh, and cheap~

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