Busy, Pain, more Busy

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. Really my bad. After Chinese New Year and after almost a Week of MC, still not much updates.

Lately have been doing alot of model shoots loh, last year no matter how I ask, how I look for model also no one wants to layan me, but last few week I've been shooting for about 5~6 models, and for the guys, you are ok to be jealous ... HAHAHAHAHHA

This is Sharon Bee ... And she told me she has been reading my blog for sometime, dunno true or not lah.

And this is Sit Chee, she looks like Japanese ?

Will come back to post more pictures ( Both CNY and the Model's pictures ), please stay with me untill I finished up all the office work that have been piled up since 3 weeks ago.


  1. Anonymous said...
    of coz i read la...
    summo i stole ur pix tim..

    wat to do...
    u r ah tak gor ma~
    Anonymous said...
    glad that u r back online ah tak.

    i was kind of worry abt the injury of your hand.
    AhTak said...
    Hi ~!!! Steal pictures must pay back with Cha Siu Bao ! Will claim from you during the next shooting ~ kekekeke

    Why you always change nick one ah ? Still prefer to address you as MySabah. hehehe. Thanks for the concern, hand is getting alot better but still can't move too much and canot lift too heavy things, luckily my camera not that heavy ~ hehehehe
    国源 said...
    Haha..our ahtak gor so tough de~ no worry! lol!!!
    Ur camera not heavy, but ur lens heavy mah~
    Anonymous said...
    Haha... Murphy is my name, not nickname lah. ya... have to change. if i use the old nickname SmokeHead, somehow it sounds like something offensive to the site owners.

    Don't worry, i can help you to take care of your camera, lens and models... ;-) just kidding lah. hope u fully recover soon.
    seefei said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    seefei said...
    hi want to buy dslr camera. any to recommend. $$ around SGD2000. looking at D300 Nikon cos got live view. Common use what lens to use. one more Q ah tak kor. photo element is good or not. thought of buying one original one about SGD 100. just use to enhance photo to make it look nicer.
    Anonymous said...
    Sure boh sharon bee...?doesnt look like her wor....


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