Yup ~ After so long didn't shoot any portraits, last weekend finally got the chance toe refresh my skills and learn more skills. At least I know how he vy is the Reflector now.

At first it was just me and Lurker wanted to go Gabai for some landscape and slowshutter training. End up with a nice models and forgot about the landscape liao .. heheheh.. In total of 10 photographers and 1 models shooting furiously and laughters all around. Can't wait till the next outing ...

Sorry for the nose blood on your table ... hehehehe


  1. Anonymous said...
    damn it.....
    ah tak, gua tak boleh tahan la.....kakakakaka......nice shot ne^^....there must b a lot of "ma lat low" watching u guyz take shot....good.....ur skill still thr...kakakaka

    sengkor said...
    the river water so clear hor..

    Cocka Doodle said...
    Kanasai! This model didn't go to gym to keep her body in shape wan.
    Look at the last pix....the legs like banana tree trunks, the belly almost protruding...kenot cari makan lah.
    AhTak said...
    Yalah ... but I worry the MaLatLou dunno looking at the girl or looking at me ..... hahahaha

    Yeah .... So do i call you if I go there again, for model shoot ?~ hehehe

    eehh.. ah ....... * sweating * * I hope the girl dun read my blog * .....

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